5 Reasons Why Your Lazada Or Shopee Live Stream

April 5, 2023

Therefore, Live streaming is a big part of the recent evolution of eCommerce marketplaces in APAC. Year after year, live streaming in eCommerce has shown steady growth.

According to Digital Commerce 360 , In 2018, premier eCommerce marketplace Premier C2C (customer to customer) Taobao generated about 100 billion RMB ($14 billion) through live streaming push. Now, most of the foreign brands like Levi’s, MAC, and Ralph Lauren have also started live streaming as a way to sell their products.

A minimum of 2.5B PHP consumer spend has also been logged for Philippines eCommerce (purchases from live streams only). Some of the leading live streaming brands are Gadget Hunter, LA Girl, and Winland Online Depot. For each live stream, these companies will get an additional 150 to 2,800 followers, and up to 700 subscriber replies. We also see over 2,000 unique visitors in a single episode.

5 Common Issues Causing Negative ROI Livestreams

Therefore, 5 Reasons Why whatsapp mobile number list Your Lazada or Shopee Live Stream Might Fail and What You Can Do About It

Below are common issues that can go wrong with your live stream and what you can do about them.

1) Disengaged Audience & Low Follower Conversions
One of the promised benefits of Lazada live streaming is an increase in the number of followers. But if your storyline doesn’t catch the viewer’s attention, it’s bound to lead to a lack of engagement and low follower conversions. Here’s what you can do to make live streaming more interesting.

Live Streaming Should Be Topic Driven

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Therefore, Even though Lazada is JA Phone Number an online selling platform, when you live stream, make sure that your content is geared towards something that your viewers will be interested in. You can have a question and answer section where the winner will win vouchers or prizes.

If you sell fitness goods, you can run a live stream of workout routines for beginners. Your topic should be something that will resonate with your audience and not be too sales focused. You have to carefully choose interesting topics that you can easily enter into some soft selling.

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