Is not the same for others, having to suffer through each abundant attack. And so, let’s raise understanding not to snigger at their tragy, help them with their state of panic, and, most of all, know whether people, or yourself, are having an attack and awareness about getting help.By Jen Trauma is a strong negative experience that can be physical, emotional, psychological, sexual or anything that impacts the victim in a severely negative way. What could just be ‘unpleasant’ for one person could damage someone else for life.

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Because of this fact you must never say that someone whatsapp mobile number list has had it worse or better than someone else, or that someones trauma isn’t as valid as another. Trauma has awful effects on people. Trauma doesn’t simply ‘go away’ and by telling others to ‘get over it’ or ‘move on’, you are minimizing their pain. Talking-about-trauma-pin – Trauma ia a strong negative physical, emotional, psychological, sexual experience, or any experience that impacts the victim in a severely negative way. Personally, I have experienc various traumatic experiences from a young age that have lead me to develop PTSD and DID. PTSD: A collection of stress reaction to a seriously traumatic event.

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Symptoms of PTSD include flashbacks, tighten anxiety, fear and mistrust. DID: A dissociative disorder that occurs due to severe childhood JA Phone Number trauma. DID sufferers have two or more distinct identities and experience many symptoms. My trauma occurr between ages and meaning it last majority of my childhood years. I don’t discuss my trauma with anyone. No one knows the full extent of my experiences apart from my last psychologist and current psychologist. My mum doesn’t even know it all and she got small bits of information through my old psychologist as I couldn’t bring myself to talk about it.