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March 23, 2023

Link Mass Means the number of high-quality backlinks (resource references) from authoritative donors. An extremely important indicator for SEO – Google especially loves links. Thus, the better the link profile, the higher the price tag. note If you buy a web resource, be sure to check its link profile in Ahrefs, Serpstat or other similar services. It is also recommende to look at the site trust through Divide TF by CF – if the number is greater than one, the buttons are green, and the spam is 0 – the project can be considere for purchase. Commercial traffic Commercial traffic from 35 600 ₽ Service page Promotion by commercial traffic from the SEMANTICS studio – attracting target users from Spandex and Google systems.

Constantly Improving Advertising

Working on internal and external ranking factors and website visibility in search engines. You get traffic growth and high reach among your potential customers. Submit your application 4.9 Traffic The highest quality traffic is organic. In other words, which comes from the Google and Yandex search engines. Ask the seller for access to Metrika and Building Construction, General Contractors Email List Analytics in order to analyze visitors as thoroughly as possible. Be sure to build a report on the share of organic matter – there should be a smooth increasing graph, at least for the last 3-4 months. If you see downward dynamics, most likely the site is pessimize by PS algorithms. Yes, and do not forget to monitor the target queries that are being clicke. If it’s only 1-5 phrases, then you have a reason to lower the price. It turns out that the site is moving.

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Only along a few keys, the demand for which may decrease over time (it is possible that a cool SEO specialist helpe the webmaster to promote these keys). Example. There are 70 pages in the index, but only 5 of them generate traffic. Of course, such a resource should be underestimate. There is still so much work to be done to get the rest of the web-page to the JA Phone Number top of the issue. Organic traffic is extremely important for both commercial and information platforms. But an age-relate high-quality Internet resource should also have visitors from additional sources – social networks, blogs, forums direct visits pictures.

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