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April 13, 2023

At the same time, remember that an online store should be, above all, easy to use for consumers. It is important that he intuitively guides them through the next stages of the purchase funnel, until the finalization of the transaction. A good solution here will be to choose a platform in the SaaS model, such as Atomstore, which offers a comprehensive service, enabling flexible management of the offer. In one place you will find everything you need to create an intuitive and well-visible online store. Step three – template For customers, in addition to intuitive navigation around the store, its aesthetics are also important.

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That’s why it’s so important that you think carefully about choosing a template. Bet on subdued colors, simplicity and minimalism. Your online store must look professional to inspire consumer confidence. Flashy colors or illegible fonts and small fonts will not help here. However, an online store template is not only an phone number list aesthetic aspect. The main role here is also played by the navigation system, the main menu on the website, banners or product photos., harmonious whole. Step four – payment Just as stationary customers have a choice whether they want to pay by card, cash or blik, you should give them more than one option in the online store.

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So make sure you have several different payment gateways. Remember that more opportunities mean more likely to attract potential customers. Consumers like to have a choice, but they also willingly use well-known and proven solutions (. PayU, Przelewy. Step five – delivery Since the online store allows you to sell not only in the country, but also abroad, you should choose delivery options both in the country and abroad. In addition, free delivery JA Phone Number options are particularly popular, . when ordering for a certain amount, collection points, and even personal collection if you have a stationary store.

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