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March 22, 2023

With a full set of functions  it becomes possible even to create an online store directly in Telegram. Tvigi The service for promotion and promotion in social networks includes a chat bot for sending Telegram messages. Here you can collect user bases, combine them, check the validity of phones. Offers are targete by gender, age, city, interests. There is functionality for monitoring leads by keywords in chats and tracking active subscribers. In this program, you can additionally track leads on VKontakte and Instagram (owne by Meta, which is recognize as extremist in the Russian Feeration). Trial access is available upon request.

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Telesender The goal of the service is to minimize manual work. Additionally, there are services for collecting participants in a channel and chat, checking the base of numbers for the presence of messenger accounts, collecting logins from similar chats, and increasing the viewing of records. The cost of services in the public domain is Textile Mill Manufacturers Email List not advertise, but is calculate individually in the chat bot. BotKits Here you can assemble a script from the block constructor in a visual eitor or use ready-made schemes on how to send messages in a Telegram bot. Filters and targete chains of letters to subscribers are available, which will give the maximum coverage of the target audience. There is also a built.

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Order the development of a script for communication and content. Technical support answers daily from 9 am to 10 pm Moscow time. textback Another way to create an auto sales funnel in the messenger. The sales strategy focuses on the nativeness of advertising and solving consumer problems, which promises maximum JA Phone Number efficiency. There are also ready-made scripts for communication on different types of business, which can be obtaine for free with a subscription. Here you can both make a newsletter in the Telegram bot for your customer base, and collect new subscribers.

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