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March 22, 2023

Development Conclusion Those involve in web optimization nee to have a lot of knowlege: JavaScript, CSS, search engine promotion algorithms, working with images, various metrics – the set of competencies of specialize specialists is really wide. It is very difficult to cope with the task of comprehensive modernization of your web resource alone (at least when it comes to a large project, and not a classic landing page). However, you can always ask for help from employees of professional SEO studios, which also include SEMANTICA, a certifie partner of Yandex and Google. Our experts will help you figure out howhowever, with the help of a professional programmer.

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Removing extra spaces, fixing the syntax, removing unnecessary variables – each step significantly spees up the loading process. to determine online how much a website page weighs, and help you complete the full range of work to optimize your web resource. Tell about the article: Elena Kuznetsova Elena Kuznetsova Content manager Has been making expert Railroad Transportation Email List content for brands for over 7 years. Creates content plans, moves content strategies. Behind thousands of characters with and without spaces. Works with websites, e-mail newsletters and social networks.The purpose for which they were create is to help webmasters solve the problem of duplicate content. What is the canonical tag This is a piece of HTML that defines the master version for multiple pages with similar or completely duplicate content In other words.

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Professional perspective on your project Specialists of the SEMANTICA studio will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the site according to the following plan: – Technical audit. – Optimization Commercial factors. – External factors. We don’t just say what the problems are. We help solve them Find out the cost How to analyze a website’s link JA Phone Number profile in 30 minutes (translation) 08/31/2018 10445 How to analyze a website’s link profile in 30 minutes (translation) A link audit is neee both when a new client comes to you for promotion, and when you have already starte promotion.

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