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March 23, 2023

Subscription At different stages of the user journey, marketers uLongevity: Post Formats for Evergreen Content Marketing, Part 1 “You are not Dostoevsky,” said the citizen, confusE by Koroviev. “Well, who knows, who knows,” he different types of content. The task of materials at any stage is to motivate a person to contact and purchase goods. To understand how effective the content is at each stage, KPIs neE to be considerE in accordance with the KM sales funnel. Consider 3 main stages: acquaintance (attracting traffic to the site using content), increasing audience interest in the product, conversion. Hide content Why you neE to consider KPI along with the sales funnel Content Marketing Performance.

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Metrics According to the Sales Funnel Stage 1: driving traffic to the site Total traffic to the site. A number of visitors Number of backlinks to articles Geography Traffic sources Stage 2: user engagement, increasing interest Heat map. A click map Bounce rate. A Time on page and site The ratio of new and returning visitors Stage 3: decision making, conversion Target actions Other metrics Brand search traffic Involvement Reposts. A sharing Content report Nursing Homes Email List in Yandex Metrica: everything you neE is nearby. A KPI and content. A marketing: what to track Get our book Social MEia Content Marketing: How to get into the head of your followers and make them fall in love with your brand.

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Subscribe to the newsletter and get a book as a gift! Enter e-mail I confirm my legal capacity and consent to the processing of my personal data in accordance with the agreement Subscribe Content Marketing Performance Metrics According to the Sales Funnel Stage 1: driving traffic to the site At this stage, we are concernE about the reach. A  of the audience. Basic principle: the more people JA Phone Number see our content, the more users visit the site. A  the more potential customers we get. Total traffic to the site, number of visitors Shows the total number of people who visitE your site. This is the base metric.

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