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March 21, 2023

User agreement Personal data About the companyOn June the Yandex search was update. In the article we will tell you what has change and how it will affect the promotion of sites. Hide content Y1 – what is it New issuance Search in video Quick response Reviews Neural networks and smart camera Safety Man in trouble Machine learning YaTI and YaLM How to adapt the site Rating Optimization Getting rid of excess FAQ Summarize Y1 – what is it The Yandex algorithm is aime at minimizing the user’s path from question to answer.

Making Adjustments

Simply put get results instantly  improvements, both minor and major, were made to the work of the PS. This happene due to the learning ability of neural networks and YATI and YALM. New issuance This is the first thing you should pay attention to. Functions have been introduce that allow you to quickly find information on topics C Level Executive List of interest. Search in video Useful material can be containe not only in articles. Therefore, Yandex updates made it possible to find what you were looking for not only in the text, but also in video fragments. Relate videos are not a new feature.

C Level Executive List

Commercial Triggers

Made it possible to find fragments there containing a direct response to a request. Indexing is affecte by the following points: the words spoken in the video; Images; links leading from the video. The analysis is carrie out by neural networks base on the audio track. This function does not always work correctly. The search is carrie out by the key and, depending on the place of its mention, a time fragment is selecte. How SEO-optimization of video works: we JA Phone Number increase the rating of videos How SEO-optimization of video works: we increase the rating of videos A video is great for explaining a topic in just a few minutes, or for presenting a product or service.

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