Don’t You Take that Tone with Me

October 19, 2023

If you’ve ever had to writing anything, one of the most intimidating sights to see is a blank word document staring back at you. Writing poses a lot of challenges for those who have been assigned the task of creating content. We often find ourselves Don’t You Take asking questions like, how should this post sound? How long should this blog be? Should it be funny or serious? Can I use this word? Our friends mr. Joyce and mr. Steinbeck from earlier would struggle with the same questions. However, there are ways businesses can help their writers.

Voice and tone
It’s important to understand that each and every business has a voice. Any form of editorial distributed by a business reflects the goals, personality, and intelligence of each individual in that particular business. This is why creating a unified voice and tone enables businesses to create coherent and influential content.

The difference between voice and tone is subtle

Different enough to change the content in an editorial. A businesses’ voice is comparable to a personality. A human’s personality is made up of ideas like morals, abilities, or communication skills. Similarly, different businesses will have different company goals, they will each offer their own unique service, and each will use communication differently.

A businesses’ voice reflects these fundamental ideologies of the individuals involved with the structure of that business.

Don’t you take that tone with me!
When we venture into the tone of a business, an easy way to think of it is like a person speaking to different audiences. When a person speaks Don’t You Take to their close friends they will use different words and phrases then if they were speaking at a graduation. Tone changes to enforce the message of the company. Facebook posts have the ability to contain more fun content, while blogs can be more informational. Each editorial retains the personality of the business, but different editorials will allow for more or less leeway for content.

I’m going to bring part one of this blog to an end by tying together

The three terms we discussed. Competition is generated by the shared audiences of business. This creates the need for influential JA Phone Number content. Focusing on specific audiences will create more engagement with your content. Make writing easy by defining your businesses voice and how you can use different editions to express your tone.

In part two, I’ll discuss specific steps and exercises businesses can do to develop a voice and tone.

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