Five Major Types of Emails Onboarding Subscriber

October 21, 2023

By far, transactional emails are the most common type of email marketing. Unfortunately, most transactional emails are overlooked and not Five Major Types attached to an email marketing program. It’s time to take a hard look at those transactional emails and what they say about your brand. From billing to password resets, every email affects how a customer feels about your brand. A brand that shows they care via a shipping confirmation email is heads-and-shoulders above competitors.

A brand can even get creative with receipts, while preserving the straightforward, clear purchase information. Online consignment clothing shop thredup first shows customers how much money they saved by ordering secondhand apparel. While thredup’s company mission is to reduce clothing waste, they know in the purchase cycle most customers care more about their wallets.

Don’t let consumer brands have all the fun

Recurring subscription billings can have personality too. Social media management tool buffer sends their monthly billing receipts from their ceo joel gascoigne, which adds a personal touch. They also use casual language to show they are their customers’ friend and prompt customers twice to email them with any questions.


Behavioral: behavioral emails are triggered by something a customer does or doesn’t do on a brand’s website. Unless a brand has marketing telemarketing list automation Five Major Types software or is dedicated to personalization and outreach, these can be challenging to pull off. Some different types of behavior emails include ones prompting users to review purchases to “happy birthday” emails.

Cart abandonment emails can be a powerful method to figure out why a customer didn’t follow through with a purchase. They can also add an additional human element. Thredup immediately follows up cart abandonment with a personalized email from founder james reinhart. He shares the story behind the brand and also solicits feedback about why the purchase was halted.

Behavioral email can also be about retention

Win back campaigns work for marketers looking to improve retention by reminding customers to come back. Social media management tool viraltag JA Phone Number reaches out to currently-paying customers, who haven’t logged in for a while. They aren’t going to make Five Major Types more money in the short-term on these customers, but increased loyalty will make sure customers continue to pay their monthly subscription and use the tool.


Now that emails have been inventoried and the email type decided on, let’s iterate different campaign ideas.

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