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March 22, 2023

Other new technology. Another great way to make your content interesting is to create a podcast! 78% of people know what a podcast is, and 24% of people listen to podcasts on a weekly basis, and 50% of all US households are fans of podcasts. This audio marketing activity alone can increase your conversion rate and sales just by talking about your products and services! As an adde tip, you can also bring some color to your content by creating fun illustrations or infographics. Also, did you know that 67% of B2B marketers currently create info graphics.

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About 32% of them say that images and other visuals are one of the most important forms of content for their business? People love to see their brands create great visual content! Hire an expert copywriter Still can’t figure out how to make content in your niche interesting? Try hiring an expert to do Engineering Email List this for you. In fact, did you know that 61% of companies note that they outsource content marketing work to either agencies or freelancers? There is no shame in letting nonprofessionals do it for you! Often “getting out of your comfort zone” and hiring someone can help get the train running.

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Remember that people won’t find content boring if it’s useful, entertaining, and funny. Link to English source: How To Create Content For Boring or Difficult Niches Tell about the article: Augusta Vanina Augusta Vanina QCD Specialist Specializes in checking the quality of SEO work in the technical control department. Speaker of the annual regional Internet festival “RIF-Voronezh”, author and teacher of online courses JA Phone Number at the SEMANTICA school. Permanent author of articles for the SEMANTICA blog, speaker of online webinars. Tens of thousSpeaking about what a domain is and what its purpose is on the Internet, experts often use specific words from the IT world and it sometimes seems impossible.

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