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October 19, 2023

Human creativity and expertise are still ne in the planning and implementation of marketing and brand building. Human work also continues to play a very important role in the interpretation and utilization of the results of artificial intelligence. When using artificial intelligence clean data and high-quality conversion tracking become equally important because broken data leads to broken decisions.

There is a lack of understanding

When of the context and consumer behavior artificial intelligence can make very serious business lead mistakes with incorrect data which will waste a large part of your marketing budget in an instant. Human work is still important also in monitoring the ethics and ethics of advertisements. AI can easily distribute ads to a wide audience but a human must ensure that they are appropriate and ethical.

Control your brand message

The office of future nes and detail recruitment processes to find the best people. In order to be able to recruit more digital marketing experts the JA Phone Number personnel handling the recruitment must also be well inform about digital marketing. The recruitment process of marketing agencies helps to ensure that the person being recruit has the necessary skills and competence to handle the task. This includes an in-depth interview process job relat tests and reference checks.

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