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March 23, 2023

Content across different channels  For example, you bought advertising placement on a Telegram channel, paid 1,000 rubles. At the same time, they made a similar post in their Facebook community for free. You receivE 4 clicks from Telegram, and 20 from Fb. It is logical that the second channel for promoting content is more effective in terms of the number of attractE readers. Sources can be trackE: in the report “Sources, summary” of Ya.Metrika; in the UTM Tags report. For the first case, you will see something like this: Thus, at the stage of attracting traffic to the site using content, we monitor: the total number of users per site; number of natural backlinks; geographic parameter.

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The purpose of the content here is to arouse even more interest in a person, motivate him to read other articles, share this one on social networks. In other words, to increase the user’s interest in the site, product, brand. There are Golf Courses Email List three options for these cards: click maps – show which areas on the site users click on most often, it does not matter if the element is active; scroll maps – show how many users scroll the page to the end, and how many leave without scrolling to the middle; mouse activity map – shows which areas the cursor lingers on.

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If the benefit of the last report is doubtful, then the first two will definitely indicate the effectiveness of the content. For example, you can see in the heat map that many users click on some inactive element on the site. Let’s say at the beginning of the article you give a thesis plan without links to specific sections. The clickmap says that a lot of readers click on these JA Phone Number abstracts – they probably expect to sefrom which country, region the majority.The following metrics can help. Heat map, click map Shows exactly how users behave on your site – to what point they scroll the page, where they click with the mouse.

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