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April 15, 2023

The entity that appointd the DPO must, immdiately after the appointment, make its data name, surname and e-mail address or There can be many answers to this question, because the objectives of the audit can be different. For the purposes of this post, I could point to, for example, the following: identification of personal data processing processes, determining the methods of personal data flow within individual processes, determining the premise allowing the collection of personal data in accordance.

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With applicable law, verification of the implementation of data processing rules, checking compliance with the information obligation, determining phone number list to what extent and for what purpose personal data is entrustd for processing to external companies, and whether appropriate entrustment agreements have been drawn up and signd for these circumstances, checking the method of storing personal data processd on paper, inventory of systems usd to process personal data.

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Verification of backup procdures, determining the ways of granting authorizations to IT systems, verification of logical JA Phone Number safeguards of IT systems. As a matter of fact, the audit we plan may include all of the above-mentiond objectives. This will be the case, for example, when we do a pre-implementation audit of the GDPR. With this type of audit, we really nd to get to know the entire organization from the point of view of the personal data it processes (what personal data, what they are usd for, on what legal basis, etc.

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