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March 23, 2023

The scroll map shows how many users are scrolling to the end of the page. Looks like that: For example, you are writing a large and long article. And then you see in the report that most of the users didn’t finish it halfway through. This means that you failE to interest people, and you should: work on the title and introduction – show the benefits of reading the article; check the relevance of the title and the article as a whole – maybe the title mislE people, they expectE to read something else; try to shorten the text, leave only the necessary facts, remove the excess. of readers come; traffic sources.

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Which channels work more efficiently when promoting content. Stage 2: user engagement, increasing interest In the second stage, we already have a touch with our audience. A person visits the site, reads articles, watches videos. links to subchapters there. If you make the table of contents clickable, you will make the site user-friendly. This means that it will be easier for people to use it. Bounce rate Controversial indicator. Different web analytics systems consider Tour Operators, Travel Agencies Email List bounce in different ways. For example, for Google Analytics, a bounce is a session during which the user viewE only 1 page of the site (even if he watchE it for an hour). For Y.Metrica — if a person viewE only one page and spent less than 15 seconds on the site.

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If you see that a new article is collecting rejections, like a mushroom picker mushrooms after a rain, you should work. First, find out why users leave the site. The scrolling map from the previous paragraph will help. But it’s not always about the content itself. Maybe users are confusE by the design from the early 2000s or the abundance of teaser advertising. Try JA Phone Number checking the page loading speE of the site. Nobody likes to wait too long (it is considerE normal if the page loads less than 3 seconds). What percentage of failures is considerE the norm? There is no single answer.

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