Lack Of Traffic & Low Sales Conversions

April 9, 2023

There’s an expectation that when you live stream people will naturally come. However, this is not the case, here’s what you can do:

Promote your stream link on social media before the stream and during the stream. By doing so, your existing followers will be encouraged to attend while your friends/relatives are likely to support you via link sharing.

Using Laz Get Lucky gives customers the opportunity to win wallet credits. All a customer has to do to qualify is follow the presenter, watch for 5 minutes, and then view at least five products.

For Sale O’clock, the seller or brand must join the Exclusive Treasure Bowl campaign at the seller’s hub. This allows you to apply discounts on products that are valid only during live streaming hours. This builds time scarcity in the mind of the buyer and will help motivate them to make the switch now.

Limited Knowledge In Presenting Livestream For Sellers Who Want To Host Themselves

It’s fine to be your own host if you phone number list like being directly involved with your business or if you don’t have the budget to hire influencers. Here are live streaming best practices you need to follow:

  • Get good lighting
  • Zoom in on the product to give a nice view to the buyer
  • The host cannot be too close to the camera. You need this space to move and sell product features and to appear natural.
  • The duration of the live broadcast must be at least 1 hour. Within the first 15 minutes a buyer visits the Lazada platform, his first actions include browsing the catalog for the product to be purchased. Because of this, a 30-minute live stream is often not enough to convert viewers into buyers.

Wrong Choice of Influencers

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If your audience can’t resonate JA Phone Number with your host, you can safely expect them to disengage with your content.

If you are worried about getting the wrong influencer. Here are two suggestions:

  • Choose From Lazada Influencer Network

Lazada has its own network where you can purchase the services of verified influencers who can help you with your live streaming projects (among other services the Lazada Network offers). Check out LazLive: An Overview of Lazada’s LiveStream Features to learn how to access and navigate the network.


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