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October 18, 2023

Never stop fighting for what you want most. Until we meet again, my dear students, thank you very much! We explain the interesting world of ARMYs and their connection with the kpop band that is the sensation of the moment: BTS What is army Currently the fan group, ARMY, has been in existence for 9 years since its founding in 2013. (photo: SCMP) Do you want to discover more about the world of ARMY? Or you just think you know what you ne to know about one of the largest fandoms in the entire world.

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Find out here! The group of fans of the South Korean pop music band BTS is call ARMY . This is the acronym in English for “Adorable Representative MC for Youth”, which translat into Spanish would mean “Adorable Representatives MC for Youth”, with “MC” being the acronym for master of ceremonies. Therefore, this group is understood business database as the spokespersons for the band, who are loyal to the members or idols . They will support you through your musical career and help you climb the world charts.

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 Also, the word “Army” translat into Spanish means “army” and reflects a bit of the character of this great group of global fans; because they act like an “army” when interacting with each BTS song, video, concert and JA Phone Number are willing to defend them from everything. According to the official BTS website , the name of the fandom reflects the idea that its 7 members are representatives of youth and that the ARMY, or army, are their followers. According to the New York Times , Army also participates in social activism events for social causes.

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