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April 15, 2023

This, in turn, affects the perception of your brand and strengthens customer loyalty. Although we don’t realize it, archetypes contain a primordial meaning that is sometimes difficult to articulate, but easily understood and intuitively accepte by our mind. This mysterious feature of archetypes, as well as cultural differences, brings with it some dangers for branding specialists. So you have to be careful. Brand archetypes should not be the only factor that drives branding efforts. They can be use very effectively to build a winning brand with a strong emotional impact, but only in combination with other elements.

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With a strong brand strategy, thorough audience research ( target group ), deep understanding of the market and its cultural nuances. It is also worth considering a marketing audit. Only having this knowlege, you can start constructing a phone number list communication strategy base on brand archetypes. Communication of the company from the investment industry January 9, 2021 News cooperation with the Horizon Investment brand Creibility and security – these elements should not be missing in the communication of a brand specializing in real estate investing. At Commplace, we are aware of how important these differentiators are for potential recipients.

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Our cooperation with the Horyzont Inwestycji brand is another opportunity to present how to achieve the desire brand image using tailore JA Phone Number communication and modern tools, such as SEO audit. About the Horizon Investment brand Horyzont Inwestycji is a brand that brings together experts in the field of investments. It operates in Kraków, Warsaw, Poznań, Szczecin and Wrocław. It is in these cities that construction coordinators, renovation and construction teams, architects, designers, agents and office workers work for them every day. The team also includes a team of other specialists – notaries, lawyers, analysts and technical advisors. Everyone, shoulder to shoulder, watches over the security of transactions.

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