The Day We Cut a Ribbon

October 21, 2023

This past Tuesday (May 5th), we had our open house and ribbon cutting for our new home. It’s been a journey to get here. From working at a kitchen table to now making a 4,600 square foot building the headquarters of KeyMedia.

The opening was nothing but fun. We welcomed friends, family, clients, and wine. Gave tours, ate food, and played Duck Hunt. It’s a moment that The Day We Cut a  closes one chapter and opens a new. We would like to thank everyone that came and celebrated with us. If you weren’t able to make it, our doors are always open.

Below is just a snapshot of the evening, but we’ll keep the memories for years to come.

What is different about your site

If you were stumped by any of these questions, you may want to re-think the purpose of the content on your website. All content must be relevant to the message you are trying to send your customers. Questions like these allow you to look at your company and find out what information is the most important. Managing your content requires The Day We Cut a  constant attention. Just like your business, your site’s content must stay relevant to its audience.

Realizing your content needs work is an important first step in a growing business. Each day content management is becoming more vital to phone number lists companies. Stay on the lookout for my future blogs where I will discuss helpful ways to develop and manage a powerful content strategy.

The ringing of a household telephone is becoming an echo of the past. Landline telephones are becoming increasingly rare as the surge for mobile phones dominates the communications market. Society’s desire to stay in contact with anyone at any time has produced a population of people refusing to be tied down with landlines.

In a recent study conducted by gfk mediamark research

Percent of us adults live in households with no landlines. These households rely only on their mobile phones for calls. If you think 44 percent of people without landlines isn’t a staggering number, take a look at the same category only five years ago. At that time, only 26 percent of household relied solely on mobile phones. If we compare that to today’s number, it is a 70 percent increase is just five years.

The dependency on mobile phones has JA Phone Number also The Day We Cut a  fueled the fire to increase the capacity of our mobile devices. Today, we want our phones to have the latest updates, best apps, and fastest connections. This is why not only are people turning away from landlines, but we own more smartphones than ever before. The gfk study tells us that 88 percent of millennials (born 1977 to 1994) and 79 percent of generation x (born 1965 to 1976) own smartphones. So, what does this mean for people attempting to break into the world of online business and advertising? How can we use this data to increase our marketing productivity.

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