The Future of Online Marketing Programmatic Advertising

October 19, 2023

If you’ve read any of our blogs, you know that the world of digital marketing is always changing. However, this constant evolution of technology has many people wondering what’s new and what’s old? In this blog post, we’ll take a look into the future… the future of online advertising.

Let discuss traditional The Future of Online advertising for a moment. The use of billboards, tv commercials, and radio commercials have been fading. Orson welles’ “war of the worlds” and the popularity of radio broadcasting is a distant memory recalled only by this world’s more seasoned generations and television commercials can easily be bypassed by recordings and online streaming.

Ever since businesses realized that

The traditional forms of advertising were failing to reach customers, they began searching for new places they could send their ads. Where did they go? They took to the internet. In herds, businesses created ads of all shapes and sizes to fit different websites. This practice has been going on for years and is still being done today. What people don’t realize is how far this practice has evolved since the introduction of the internet.

As an example – the first digital banner ad was created in 1993. The same year the original jurassic park film was released. In the 22 years since phone lists the creation of website advertisements, business have found new and innovative ways to get their products seen by their customers. And, for businesses that advertise using a 22 year old strategy, they’ll soon join radio broadcasting, television commercials, and jurassic park as classic novelties.
In a word – programmatic. The ability to target specific audiences and tailor advertisements to relevant customers is the latest technology in online marketing. Today, businesses are developing programmatic strategies that put them ahead of their competition.

As we discussed before the world is going digital

Today’s global community is more connected to online services than ever before. These services allow them access to everything from JA Phone Number videos, the ability to control their garage doors and appliances, to being able to purchase products online and have them delivered to their doorstep the same day. More importantly, this online connection produces data. With this data, business can identify which customers are looking for their product and then place ads in designated websites to catch the attention of those customers.

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