The Ultimate Email Marketing Guide for Beginners

October 18, 2023

 You could write your event name in the tag as something like: “new_products_brochure_download” and trigger the event to fire when people click the text “download now” on the “/new-products” page path. Fig 5 downloads tracke as events in ga4 fig 5 downloads tracke as events in ga4 this means that every time someone clicks download now on the new products page of your website. Ga4 will record a specific event relating to this download. Fig 6 set tag managers triggers to fire ga4 events fig 6 set tag managers triggers to fire ga4 events this gives you more details than the auto-tracke events which might simply say something like “file download” but with this auto event. You won’t know what that file refers to. Adding specific tags and triggers to tag manager to push data to ga4 elevates the level of detail for things like conversion tracking

Be willing to change

Managers sometimes tend to hire or promote people who ‘look like’ them or share their opinions and outlooks.

you can special data create custom conversion events in the ga4 interface. In the events section in the configure area. Choose to create a new event and there you can set the conditions to track your thank you page. For example. If you want to track visits to the purchase complete page on your website you might set the conditions like this: fig 7 create events in ga4 fig 7 create events in ga4 event_name equals “page view” – this tells ga4 you’re tracking a visit of a page as the event. Page_title contains “order confirme” – this tells ga4 to only track when people visit the page that contains order confirme as the page title.

Project an inclusive image

One way that organizations can attract a diverse workforce is by ensuring that their website is welcoming to all people. Does the website imagery promote diversity or reflect outdated stereotypes?

you can go JA Phone Number to the conversions area of the configure area and create a new conversion event. Enter the name of your custom event as the conversion name. In our example we would call the conversion event “purchase” and this will track instances of people seeing the order complete page as a purchase goal. Just like destination goals in universal analytics. Admittely it is a little trickier to set up destination goals in ga4.

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