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March 21, 2023

Zen Better than others go to these topics: business and finance; cooking; psychology; movie; news and politics; fashion, beauty, all feminine; life hacks; cars. What are thethen only with a warning – that you need to use medicines after consulting a doctor. Deception. Remove any speculation and hoaxes from the material. What is better not to write about in articles Here are some tips from experienced writers: Candid content. Working withContent Creation We are writing our first article: click on the plus sign; such a submenu opens, where you click on “Article” – so that you can write a long read and insert pictures; the editor opens, where you add H1 and an article with images – then click on “Publish.

Best Choice Is A Niche

How to make money on Ya.Zen: step by step instructions Below we will  a topic, creating and setting up a channel, and writing content if you are new and want to make money on Yandex Zen from scratch. You need to start with a topic on which it will be interesting to write or order unique articles (videos). Of course, the  in which Phone Number List the author is well versed. However, the most popular topics for several years now are business, finance, cinema and cars.This includes alcohol, tobacco, casinos, sweepstakes, etc. Advertising of medicines or services.

Phone Number List

Channel Theme Selection

More on how to create it: log in; go to the site ; click on the avatar in the upper right corner; click on “Zen Studio”; all is ready. Now about how to set it up: go to the studio open “Edit”; upload an avatar and fill out the form; That’s all – you can move on to the next part.Try not to describe in detail any actions in some topics. For example, in psychology, they JA Phone Number can block material even for specific words. Speculation. For example, instead cope on your own and the symptoms say that you have of to seek help from specialists. Maria Albegova Content marketer SEMANTICA blog editor.

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