Travel Industry Targeting Capabilities

October 19, 2023

Programmatic advertising is a fairly new trend. However, it’s quite surprising how many people in the marketing industry underestimate the success it can bring clients. New targeting options are proving to be especially effective for the travel industry.

Programmatic advertising allows businesses to target individuals by extremely specific criteria. As of today, there is no other online marketing tool with the capabilities of programmatic advertising.

If we compare programmatic advertising to traditional media, it can provide a clear understanding and outline the benefits of using programmatic advertising for the travel industry. If you think of radio advertising or travel related magazine ads, these forms of advertising are targeting readers by demographics and interests. These ads may reach a huge audience, but many of these individuals may or may not be interested in the travel services that are being advertised.

Even if a magazine ad is related to travel

Different people may have different preferences about their ideal travel destinations. People that like skiing and snowy destinations will completely ignore an advertisement about a hawaiian beach vacation. Another problem traditional phone number list advertising runs into is their ability to track responses and engagement resulting from their ads. If you consider the fact that even though an individual may fit perfectly into the ideal audience, travel businesses can’t be sure if that reader will notice the ad. That business is also unable to easily track responses and sales resulting from it. The same thing happens with a billboard – people have less than three seconds to read the ad, and tracking web visits and sales is nearly impossible.

Programmatic advertising can add dozens

If not hundreds, of targeting parameters in order to serve an ad to the right person when they are most likely to engage and respond. It allows JA Phone Number you to know how many people actually saw the ad, interacted with it through a click, and even converted with a purchase or subscription. Through programmatic advertising, you can easily measure the cost of each view, interaction, and conversion.

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