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October 18, 2023

Secondary promotion farewell words secondary promotion farewell speech by a teacher now, we will see an example of the graduation farewell words by a professor : dear graduates and family! I am so honor to join you here today to celebrate your graduation from (school name) high school! It is very sad for me to say goodbye to you, since we have been walking the high school path together for many years. Let me tell you that not only you have learn from me, but i have learn from you; through their questions and contributions, they not only taught me academic lessons, but have also made me a better person.

Childhood or Early

That is invaluable and I am eternally grateful. What comes from now on is a new world before you. Not only do they have to study at a higher level or get a job, but they will enter business lead a stage that coincides with their coming of age and their beginning as young adults. They have to assume more responsibilities and be consistent in what they do. My biggest advice? Keep going and when you want to give up, take some time to see how far you have come in your life.

Adolescence 10-12 Years Allow

You will see that the road was full of obstacles to get to where you are now. We will meet again, but each of you will follow your own path. Whatever JA Phone Number path you choose, I am sure it will be successful. I know the future is uncertain, but I also know that great things await you. Do not forget all the teachings you have had from your teachers, but I am not referring to knowlge, but rather those teachings that help and will help you to be better people in life.

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