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October 19, 2023

In the past, businesses would buy ad space on websites in the same way they bought newspaper space – select a publisher based on its content and hope What Does the Future their customer would see it. An example would be an automotive dealer placing ads in sites such as espn (because men buy cars). The business would then wait for customers to visit espn.Com and see their ads. While this strategy was successful at some level, customers were missing businesses’ advertisements because they were looking elsewhere. Programmatic advertising is the answer to this problem.

Programmatic advertising is able to specifically target customers based on their unique data. With programmatic advertising, businesses have the ability to set criteria to target customers who are most likely to engage with the advertisements. The criteria can be almost anything.

An example of a target customer for an automotive dealer could be a male

Interested in mid-size pickups – specifically ford brand – with an annual yearly income of $50,000 – and lives in tyler, texas.

When this man is surfing the web watching mud racing videos on youtube and checking the local sports scores on tylerpaper.Com, he will receive ads which include mid-size ford pickups.

The bidding process

Let’s breakdown the step-by-step process outbound calling laws that programmatic advertising goes through each time a website is loaded.

A business contracts a company to display ads to multiple different websites when they match the audience profile.
The business sets criteria for the target What Does the Future audience (I.E. Moms – with grade school aged children – living in st. Louis, mo).
A potential customer matching the criteria opens a website. This website instantly tells the network about the potential customer.
The website holds an auction to see which business will be able to advertise.

The network recognizes that this customer is a mom living

The network bids on the website’s ad space and calculates how much to spend.
Once the space is won, our customer will receive the ad of our business that directly relates to the data collected from this customer. All within a fraction of a second.
Understanding the change

The buying strategy behind programmatic advertising is extremely complex and technical. Often, businesses believe that they don’t have JA Phone Number the time to educate themselves or the ability to allocate money toward programmatic advertising. And while companies like nike can spend tens of thousands of dollars a month using programmatic technology. Programmatic advertising can be utilized by businesses of any size.

Keymedia solutions’ programmatic advertising requires no monthly minimums. You can start today by moving from traditional advertising services What Does the Future and investing in the latest and most effective form of ad marketing.

If you would like more information on programmatic advertising, check out these blog posts by the keymedia solutions operations manager paul cesar. Also, sign up for our monthly newsletter below; this month’s edition will highlight new targeting capabilities for the automotive sales and the tourism industry.

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