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March 22, 2023

Install and configure a widget in a VK group How to make, install and add useful widgets for a group in VK Examples of VKontakte widgets: how to set it up in the community and use it for business 1. Newsletter 2. Reviews 3. Donations 4. Activity rating 5. Lead form 6. Menu 7. Calculator Conclusion Widgets for VK communities: what is it This is a business page graphic element that displays an active link or application. It is interactive: when clicke, the user either goes to the application collection form or to the landing page, or a pop-up window (PopUnder) opens in front of him with some information. The task is to improve usability so that the visitor nees a minimum of actions.

What Do You Want To Achiev

Receive data or make an order. Ideally, if the visual object itself – a rectangle – is also beautifully rendere, aesthetic, and attracts the audience with its design, but not everything depends on the specifics of the brand. Let’s talk about the types and placements in more detail. Permanent widgets in the VKontakte community for groups Restaurant Email List These are regular elements that are in all publics by default and are locate in strictly define places. Let’s show them in the screenshot below, for the convenience of explanation, let’s number the blocks. A text about what the company.

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What are its features and advantages. Contact information, hours of operation, and address are also indicate here. If desire, you can put a frame with Yandex Maps, which will open in a pop-up window and display information from the Yandex Directory. Typically, Maps includes organizations that do not useWidget  Otherwise, the JA Phone Number first section will be too cumbersome plus PopUnder in full screen – and users may no longer reach further. Navigation menu that improves usability. These are quick links to FAQs, testimonials, rules of conduct promotional posts.

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