Without marketing it is almost impossible

October 19, 2023

Digital marketing cant be rocket science there are already enthusiastic designers in the company so maybe they will take over digital marketing as well. In this blog post I will go through the reasons why there is still a place for a marketing agency in modern times and why you shouldnt leave everything to your own in-house team. I myself work in the Google Ads team but the same legalities also apply in other digital marketing channels. Are you the master or the ring of AI

Do the advertising yourself

 Why not with the help of artificial intelligence and save a lot of money on office fees? Lets take b2b leads Google as an example which is pushing really hard in the direction of artificial intelligence-bas advertising. During the fall you may have receiv numerous contacts from a Google contact who would like to tell you personally in a web meeting how to improve the results of your Google Ads account.

Tweaks to the settings you take

Full automation saves the advertisers working time enormously but at the same time makes artificial intelligence the host. As a tire all you have to do is humbly hand JA Phone Number your crit card to Google and hope for the best. The use of artificial intelligence in advertising does not eliminate the importance of marketing agencies. Although artificial intelligence can still perform many tasks in an automat manner it is not a good idea to leave everything to its shoulders.

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