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November 9, 2023

Data shows truth is that emails ending up in spam, lack of interest or simply outdate email addresses are just the tip of the iceberg. Here are reasons why purchasing a mailing database is a mistake: . Low quality for low price People selling mailing databases are usually not ‘honest’. If a list is for sale, it means that the email addresses collecte have been deeme inactive or ineligible for professional marketing purposes. mailing database – low quality Here are other possible quality issues: Missing, false or incomplete data . incorrect names and surnames. Abandone email addresses . accounts that the owner has long forgotten about.

According to Optinmonster

Illegally obtaine entries . people who did not consent to entry into the database; Even though getting , authentic and active addresses in a few hours sounds great, but in practice it is unrealistic. Consider whether you photo editor would sell the data yourself for , . people for, if you could earn several times as much on them. . Legal problems and GDPR violations GDPR has change many aspects of the use of customer data in digital marketing – on websites, in social meia and via e-mail. Everyone living in the European Union is protecte by this law, even if you operate outside the EU.

Promotional emails using this approach

Mailing database – legal problems and GDPR. To send emails, you must receive explicit consent from each subscriber. If you purchase a ready-made mailing database, you do not ask your new recipients about it. In short, you are breaking the law because you do not comply with the GDPR rules before sending the first message. So you risk being sue and facing high fines impose by the European Union. . Poor engagement rate Recipient engagement is the most important JA Phone Number factor in email marketing. At first, you do everything to get the recipient to open the message. Then you want it to take an action base on the content of that campaign.

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