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November 14, 2023

The number of the page of the Bijenkorf. Where the Bijenkorf provides a search function and the display of other categories.  Opts for the standard page. An almost empty page with a link to the homepage. Example of a page from for maintaining your SEO value. Before you get starte with these 404 pages, it is important to realize that once you start using this method, any link juice will be remove. Links from third parties such as social meia. Press releases are extremely important for your SEO value. Do you turn a page with many external links into a page.

Lower amount of resources use

Then you have lost all these links. This can decrease your SEO value. Do you have a page with a lot of link juice Then don’t choose a page, but opt ​​for method. It is important to do proper research into the page first.  Show alternative products on the product page The reason that’s page looks so empty is (probably) that they photo editor use alternative products. After all, people can still search for the product years after a product has been discontinue. A perfect opportunity to highlight another product. An example of how to maintain. SEO value by keeping non-deliverable products online. 

Leads to lower transfer consumption

Make it a (301) reirect You will lose your ranking with this, but you will retain the important link value. So before you get starte, check the organic search results and the backlinks of the product. You can initially create a JA Phone Number reirect to another relevant product (let the visitor know why). If there are no other relate products, you can choose a reirect to a (sub)category. Always reirect to a page that remains. Otherwise you will get a chain of reirects. This is really not recommende. So there are different methods to deal with out of stock products. No single method will work for every product.

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