10 Best Programs to recover deleted files from PC, Mac, hard drive, USB or mobile

October 19, 2023

Therefore, 10 Best Programs to recover deleted files from PC, Mac, hard drive, USB or mobile. If you are looking for a program to recover deleted files. Therefore, I am sure that you have deleted a file accidentally. It is very common, so don’t worry. It also happened to me recently, that’s why I wanted to make a list of the best free and paid programs to recover deleted files. Because I know how angry and helpless it is to delete a document in which you have invested a lot of time by mistake and have to start it from scratch again.

How to recover deleted files in Windows

Therefore, I am going to show you a free method with which you can learn how to recover deleted files in Windows. Therefore, and all without having to install anything since we will use a portable tool called Recuva . Download the free Recuva app . Unzip the application to a folder and double-click recuva.exe. Define the type of search you want to perform (all files, images, music, videos, etc.). Therefore, Add a location filter indicating the folder where to find the file you want to recover. Select the normal email contact list search and start the search. Leave the intensive search for a last case if you see that the normal search does not find the data you want to recover. We mark the files we want to recover from the list and save them in a folder on our Windows computer.


Recoverit: bOne of the best data recovery software is Recoverit. What I like the most is that it allows you to recover deleted files of all types, such as photos, videos, music, audio, even emails. In total, more than 1000 types of formats. You can use it on both Windows and MAC. How to recover deleted documents with Recoverit: Download Recoverit. Select the location from JA Phone Number where you lost data. The program analyzes the location. Preview data and recover it. It’s that simple. You will be able to get back those files that you deleted by mistake from computers, iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablets, Hard Drives and Memory Cards.

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