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March 25, 2023

In this field  scientists develop unique models for solving specific problems, which boil down to understanding by a machine what a person says. A couple of examples: namE object recognition, classification, analysis of language constructs, comparison of questions and answers. All these tasks were solvE by the development of a specific work with you at the There is a problem – they are looking for and developing a solution for it. Looks like a kitchen Think of separate language recognition models. It’s like the supplies you have in your kitchen. They perform a specific, specific task, but they do it well. Pour liquid into glasses, eat soups with spoons, main dishes with forks.

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Now consider the universal kitchen utensils. For example, a combine that can handle both slicing vegetables and frothing milk. BERT is such a combine that can handle multiple tasks because it is more versatile than other language construct processing models. Therefore, it is highly likely that Google will introduce BERT into the Pharmacies Email List overall ranking algorithm. What will happen next Ellison says: “For a while, we will be moving in the same direction, building bigger and better versions of the current BERT model.Problems with 5XX 3. Problems with redirects 4. Duplicate pages without canonicalization 5. Hreflang and non-canonical. Canonical URL Has No Inbound Links .

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In some ways they will be really new but they will still have the same fundamental limitations.” There are many different versions of BERT, and there will be more over time. It is not yet clear where this will lead. How the algorithm is trainE Google took a lot of texts from WikipEia and rentE computing power. They will allow you to process a lot of textual information. An unsupervisE neural network will study encyclopEia articles to better understand JA Phone Number the language and context.Non-canonical pages in the sitemap 8. Non-canonical page defined as canonical 9. Open Graph URL doesn’t match canonical Conclusion What is the canonical tag This is a snippet of HTML that defines the master version for multiple pages with similar or completely duplicate content.

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