Most common types of sales objections and how to overcome them

August 26, 2023

The advice that we have given you in the previous section may be useful whatever the stage in which you try to overcome. The prospect’s sales objections, and whatever they may be. But now we want to be a little more specific and tell you what is the best way to act against the most common sales objections that you may encounter. Among them, we have included some that are really excuses so that you also know how to deal with them.

A prospect who conveys this phrase may be a prospect who is not big enough to become a customer of yours or may be in a low income stage that prevents them from becoming one.

We have other problems at the moment

In these cases, it is best to offer alternatives to the initial offer . We must inform him that we fully understand Canada B2B List his situation. But that if he is really interested, there are options that can be adjusted to his situation. It is best to ask if you want the company to analyze your specific case to offer you a cheaper but also efficient alternative.

In this case, don’t be afraid to ask him what those other problems . Are, pointing out that perhaps your product or service can help him with them . If he doesn’t give you a concrete answer, maybe it’s time to discard it, because it really is a rejection. But in the event that it is a real objection and he is interested in your options, propose a follow-up call and the sending of explanatory documents of your offer.

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I don’t want to commit

It is very likely that, with this answer, we are not dealing with a case of sales objection. But we can’t be JA Phone Number completely sure until we try. To do this, let the person know that you won’t take up too much of their time and that you can always call them at another time or offer information by email. If he refuses, we recommend that you stop insisting.

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