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October 11, 2023

Very good! My name is Anas Andaloussi and I am Product Insights a young 17-year-old entrepreneur who has been dedicated to web page development since he was 13 and for the last three years he has been dedicated to web positioning. The story of a young entrepreneur in the SEO sector One ordinary morning during class, a friend and I went to the library at our school where there were computers. I honestly don’t know why, but we started looking for information related to web development. First it was Wix, then Jimdo, Weebly and a long list of sites where we tried to create our website. My friend lost interest in the topic, but I looked for a way to learn how to do this, and fate led me to create.

Journey in the world Product Insights of Digital Marketing

Minecraft blog. Ah! You don’t know top industry data this, logically… I was a young Minecraft YouTuber who basically drove traffic from his channel to his website to monetize it (plugin tutorials, mods, etc.). This was just the beginning of my journey in the world of Digital Marketing. Two years later I created a community of thousands of people thanks to having internationalized my website into English . I was only dedicated to creating content and driving traffic from YouTube and our Discord community, but there was one day, a day when I got a recommendation for a video of Romuald Fons talking about websites.

Abandoned the project, since it did not motivate

(I honestly thought that no one talked JA Phone Number about creating and monetize websites) and thanks to him I discovered SEO. It may have been the most important moment of my life. For me it was a great solution since I didn’t have to be a slave to YouTube to make money. A door to achieving a much more stable income. Some time later I abandoned the project, since it did not motivate me, and I started with the niches. I found that I had the ability to do something important. There was one thing I was good at, and that was finding profitable niches . I think it was mainly due to the instinct that I developed over time with my previous website, and the first niche I created generated visits.

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