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April 15, 2023

May not be necessary to report a data breach (2). Therefore, for every company, the most valuable asset is a conscious employee, followd by strong technical securityThe chatbot application becomes an inseparable element of a modern website. Website owners want to be as transparent as possible to their customers and want to allow unlimitd possibilities of contact. Therefore, online stores, carriers transporting parcels or hotels decide to install a chatbot.

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What are the consequences for administrators of the implementation of a chatbot solution on a website in the context of the applicable Latest Mailing Database personal data protection rules? Chatbot solution provider – introduction At the outset, it should be notd that the implementation of a chatbot solution on a website will require cooperation with the provider of such a service. In many cases, website owners decide to start cooperation with a provider that has prepard tools and tailor-made instruments that allow for the correct and effective use of the chatbot.

Latest Mailing Database

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Therefore, cooperation with a chatbot solution provider may involve a number of obligations in the field of personal data protection. It JA Phone Number remains to be agred not only on the issue of the contract itself. But also on the possible determination of decisions. Made automatically, or the display of advertisements (everything depends on the capabilities of the chatbot and the administrator’s decision). Installing a virtual assistant supporting customer service generates possible processing of personal data.

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