Report This Account Right After We Grabbed

October 21, 2023

We report this account right after we grabbed this screencap. A more serious scam involving fake accounts occurre recently in australia. Fake accounts on social media pose as australian tax office ato workers and responde to conversations where people were asking questions about the ato. They gaine social users’ trust. Then aske for personal details or instructe users to click a phishing link. Spread misinformation information spreads fast online. Unfortunately. Misinformation can sometimes travel even faster than real facts. Simply because it’s intriguing and therefore gets people sharing. Savvy internet users understand they can’t believe everything they read online. They’re aware that it’s important to know the source of information before giving it much credence. Again.

Allowing Their Misinformation

Fake social accounts take advantage of your brand reputation to gain a false level of credibility. Allowing their misinformation to spread as fact. For example. During anti-vaccine trucker protests in canada last year. Facebook groups promoting similar convoys in the u.s. Were run by fake facebook accounts in countries like vietnam. Bangladesh. 

And romania. As reported by nbc business email list news. In combination with content mills. The fake accounts on social media are able to produce large quantities of misinformation and disinformation that spreads rapidly through groups where people think they are communicating with a community that shares their values. Affect your stock prices public companies understand that any major announcement has the potential to impact stock prices.

Effects of Fake Social Media

Either positively or negatively. But what happens when that major announcement comes from a fake social account. Unfortunately. The effects of fake social media accounts on your stock prices can be very real indeed. Consider what happened to eli lilly in the brief period in the fall of 2022 when anyone could buy a twitter verified checkmark. 

Without any verification at all. Someone created JA Phone Number a fake twitter account with the handle eli lilly and co. And the company’s logo as the profile photo. Eli lilly’s real account on twitter is lilypad. The fake account look real enough  and had a blue badge to boot. Then. The fake account holder went to work. They tweets. We are excite to announce insulin is free now.

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