Spam is the Great Enemy of Email Marketing Campaigns

October 11, 2023

Email campaigns increasingly reach the target audience less and less, even when there is prior consent from the recipient. According to the American market research company Spam is Gartner , in 2005 more than 80% of marketing emails will be caught by anti-spam filters or blocked by servers. According to Gartner, 50% of all emails in the world are spam. Predictably, by the middle of next year, the figure will rise to 60%. The co-president of ESPC, however, is a little more optimistic.


The effect of the Network is so

Powerful that once this begins to be implemented. The best thing executive email list in everyone’s interest is that we have the same protocols and data ». Spam from the perspective of international collaboration to identify. Common sources and characteristics of Spam. examine the different ways to combat it and establish effective international cooperation mechanisms. This is mainly because consumers are familiar with the characteristics of spam. Nielsen Norman has found that consumers want newsletters that are informative, convenient and timely.


Its main complaints are irrelevant content,

Unsolicited newsletters and links to pop-up web pages. The majority of respondents confess to using anti-spam filters as a shortcut to unsubscribe from Spam is newsletters  that do not meet their criteria. In fact, the spam identification buttons offered by Internet servers to unsubscribe annoy newsletter operators. The reason is, according to the report, that they may find their email blocked based on the aforementioned complaints. And it is not a problem that can be easily JA Phone Number ignored since this portal had 24.3 million members at the end of 2003. In addition, those responsible for AOL claim that their intense efforts to fight spam lead them to block 80% of email incoming.

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