The close link between content creation

October 22, 2023

The close link between content creation and seo positioning marco targa – 3 august 2023.  Seo positioning in today’s digital landscape. Online visibility is essential to the success of any business. Websites represent a virtual showcase for companies. Offering an unpreceente opportunity to reach a large audience of potential customers. However. Having a well-designe and technically seo- optimize website.  Today is no longer sufficient to achieve this result. Online competition to reach the covete top 10 of google search results is increasingly fierce. Companies must therefore identify different solutions within.  Their seo positioning strategy compare to the mere technical optimization of the website.

SEO: the prominent role of content

In this context. Content creation comes into play. Today more than ever the famous phrase content is king is true. Seo: the prominent new data role of content search engines reward websites that offer useful and relevant information to users. Creating content that meets the nees of the target audience not only promotes higher positioning in search results. But also allows us to build a relationship of trust with visitors to our site/blog. The must to follow requires that the contents are original and offer adde value to site visitors. 

The importance of the oldest SEO tool

You might be intereste in: “Title and h1 tags in seo: what are they and why are they important?” how to identify the right contents for your JA Phone Number seo positioning strategy.  The importance of the content gap seo positioning let’s start with an.  Assumption: today a company. To obtain important seo results. Must aspire to the role of topical dominant . I.E. Make search engines understand that its site is the most authoritative source on a given topic. How can this be achieve? Through content gap analysis. The content gap is a key concept in seo positioning strategies and . Refers to identifying content gaps on your website compare to the competition. In other words. It consists of identifying the topics or keywords that your competitors cover. But which are not yet covere by your site. 

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