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October 12, 2023

I pee. I’m sorry, you know that my delete key is broken and, although I’m inspired (more or less), this writing while dancing together (ankles, close together) and moving the chair from one side to the other, well, of course not. Hey, I’m coming now. [piopialo vcboxed=»1″]Now you need even more content than a Lead Magnet. Think about the whole process![/piopialo] That’s it. Oh really? How do you know he was fast? Shall we continue, please? Come on! Think about the situation in which you want to sell a product or service. You have managed to find the perfect idea to build the Lead Magnet, that valuable content that will help you attract more and more subscribers. But, even so, there are points where you must have another type of content (or value) :

The reactivator

What happens if, even after registering to receive that fantastic ebook, the subscriber doesn’t even open the email or click on the download link? In that case you will need a good excuse to remind him, to prevent him from freezing. Do you agree? In this case, it is a very good option to use content that brings up the consequences of not continuing top industry data forward. Now we will see an example. The consolidator. Read it carefully, come on, we’re cool… Going directly to offering you services or products as soon as you download the Lead Magnet can be too aggressive. Users, potential clients, are already

A simple example

Can we see a small example of how we could organize this content? Come on, I’ll tell you a little idea that is maturing: Lead Magnet: Guide to be successful in your Outdoor Advertising campaigns . Valuable content that reviews the benefits of Outdoor Advertising and provides advice and concepts necessary for any JA Phone Number campaign to be successful. Reactivator: Study of Advertisers in your city. Perhaps a small study or statistical data showing how other companies are successfully exploiting Outdoor Advertising or the approximate return on investment. The idea is to emphasize what the potential client is missing if they don’t continue with the process.

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