The functioning of the tools and their practical

October 22, 2023

 This software from the adobe suite is us  not only by companies (where marketing. Sales. Design or hr offices ne  to communicate with videos on new m ia). But also by video makers or communication consultants who want to learn the basic elements of language and video design . The functioning of the tools and their practical use for the independent creation of short. Impactful and effective videos. For those involv  in video  iting. It is important not only to know how to create and  it digital videos with the appropriate software tools. But also to master the tools that allow you to add elements of visual communication to films capable of making the leap in quality towards professional communication and to surprise the interlocutor.


We give you the tools to transform

 If you learn how to  it a video with us. Your communication email List will be more effective. Rewarding and never pr ictable : focus on what you want to communicate. We give you the tools to transform your story into an exciting clip. A clarification: when i write “online” i think of the virtual classroom live with the teacher . With 5-10 participants (if there were more than 15-20 participants i would talk about webinars and it would be another story). We all agree that the fundamental difference between the classroom course (in person) and the live online course (virtual classroom) is the physical presence : seeing each other’s faces without the interm iation of the monitor changes your life.


There are many similarities between

 But apart from this fundamental difference which can mostly JA Phone Number be trac  back to the social nature of the human being. There are many similarities between physical classroom courses and virtual classroom courses. Try to imagine them… classroom and online: the similarities ⇒ the teacher welcomes you. ⇒ the tutor makes you feel at ease. ⇒ the other participants gradually arrive. ⇒ you start to get to know them before the course begins. ⇒ you compare yourself with them. ⇒ the lesson begins. ⇒ you see the monitor teacher. ⇒ share your monitor. ⇒ take a break. ⇒ practice on the computer under the supervision of the teacher.

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