The United States Congress Against Spam Advertising Emails

October 11, 2023

In the United States, time has run out for companies that send unwanted advertising emails. Congress has just approved a law that provides financial fines for its senders. However, the Senate had already approved a similar measure. So the two must now be compared, according to US media reports. President George Bush has already signaled his agreement.


This law prohibits the systematic

Collection of email addresses company data through. The web and then flooding them with a torrent of advertising. According to the newspaper  among others. Furthermore, misleading topics may not be used in the subject field. But perhaps most importantly, private computer users will be able to protect themselves. From this barrage of advertising by signing up for. A list that will block their address from the advertising industry.


According to experts,

This new law in the United States JA Phone Number could also help. European countries contain the torrent of spam, although. The number of spammers operating from that country is not known since it is often falsified. the name of the sender. The AOL Germany server considers the mass sending of annoying emails.  Huge problem” and is in favor of making spam also punishable in Germany. Nowadays, the more selective protection networks such. As spam filters become, the more the volume of spam increases.

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