Digital transformation of the company

October 22, 2023

Digital transformation of the company: the role of the agency guido marabini -. 9 july 2023 digital transformation of the company in the digital transformation . Of italian companies. Among the various roles that must be carrie out by third parties. Agencies probably have the most important one. They can support companies in identifying areas of innovation and risk. In building a digital transformation strategy and in finding the right partners . Both suppliers and other agencies. Who can help support these transformations. Agencies are capable of doing all this. In this article we will see what type of services agencies can provide in the field of marketing and communication. What their main advantages are and whether it is worth hiring them or not. 

Define a digital transformation strategy

Define a digital transformation strategy digital transformation of the company the first step for an agency is to sit down with the latest database client and define the right strategy for an effective digital transformation . The objective of which is the growth of the company . From a branding or commercial point of view. This means looking at the company’s current situation. Its resources and capabilities. The nees and requirements of the market. And what it is trying to achieve. The transformation process must answer two key questions: where and how. Where it means understanding which are the best areas of innovation and risk to focus on. 

Finding the right suppliers and partners

And how it means defining the best approach for each of them. Only at this point can agencies begin to find the right partners and those who can JA Phone Number support this transformation. At this stage the presence of consumers must not be overlooke. Choosing where also means taking the time to find the best digital tools to maximize the effectiveness of your digital marketing tactics. It is also essential that communications agencies are able to guide client brands through digital transformation. Defining an effective strategy is not enough. You nee to master the technology and support your partners through the implementation of the strategy itself. 

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