Why is it important that you familiarize yourself with it?

October 12, 2023

As I have told you before, we live in the era where we have online applications for almost anything . I am no longer just talking about web or mobile applications, but applications are also being incorporated into “things”. TRUE? Each tool itself is designed to do one thing well but we, increasingly, need to save time. We cannot afford to waste time taking data from one application to another. Are you getting it? In the era in which automation is so booming, limits stop forming around a metric called time (or energy) and begin with the limitations imposed by “what you normally use . ” If your productivity tool doesn’t send emails and you can’t afford to change it because you really like it, you’re already at a limitation. Yeah?

Conclusions Why it important

Yuuuuuuu! We’re. Has it become heavy for you? Dense perhaps? Maybe, but there was no way with this… what do I know, technical? Let’s see, I could tell you something like “webhooks are like the language that all onlineWhy it important applications and tools use to communicate with each other . ” Shit, I can’t think of anything better. Well that. The thing is that I didn’t want to industry email list make a very technical post or show you what you can do with this type of thing. It was enough for me that you become more or less familiar with the concept and that, if you ever come across it, you understand what the film is about . In fact, you are going to come across it because I am going to explain in a future post how to get the most out of this technology. I’m sure you’ll like it!

A brief definition of Webook Why it important

I’m going to move on to technical definitions, which is what Wikipedia is for . OK? Nowadays we use online tools and applications for everything. TRUE? We have an impressive catalog of tools, we are true “handymen” with belts more dangerous than Batman’s, with a lot of tools and small utensils that help us perform JA Phone Number real tricks as Marketers. So far so good? You see? If I explain myself great!! Each of these tools is perfectly designed for a specific thing . A screwdriver is used to unscrew and screw. A flashlight to illuminate. An email marketing tool sends emails. A productivity tool manages tasks. Do you still follow me? Brilliant!

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