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March 25, 2023

Google generally prioritizes canonicity over noindex according to John Mueller. But it’s still bad practice. If you need to prevent the canonical URL from being indexed, use a 301 redirect. Mistake 3: Setting 4XX HTTP status for the canonical URL Setting the 4XX state for a canonicalized., you also need to specify a canonical page in the same language. How to find and fix problems with canonical URLs on your site 1. Problems with 4XX Occurs when the webmaster specifies a canonical URL with a 4XX response code on the pages. Search engines do not index.

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Pages because they are not working As a result, the search engine ignores any canonical tags that point to such pages. As a result, the wrong version of the page gets into the index. Therefore, check the canonical links, and if they contain an address with a similar response code, correct it. 2. Problems with 5XX Similar to the previous point. Response codes of this kind Laboratories Email List signal problems on the server. As a result, the canonical page is still unavailable (as in the previous case). It is necessary, again, to replace all canonicalized urls with a 5XX response code with accessible ones.

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Note however that a  response code can be a temporary problem on the server—for example, when the server is overloaded. In this case, nothing needs to be done. 3. Problems with redirects The warning is triggered when a canonicalized address is redirected to another URL. Canonical URLs should always point to the most authoritative JA Phone Number version of the page.Duplicate pages without canonicalization Occurs when there is one or more duplicate pages that do not have a canonical version specified. You understand that if there is a redirect on this “authoritative” page, its reliability is in doubt. Replace canonical links with direct links to the most authoritative version.

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