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March 25, 2023

Using hreflang for one page that returns a Google will attempt to independently determine the most appropriate page to display in search results. As a result, he may choose the wrong version that you want to see in the search results. Look at groups of duplicate pages. Choose one canonical version, on the rest, set it as the main version. And on the canonical page, set a recurrent canonical link. 5. Hreflang and non-canonical Fires when one or more pages contain a non-canonical URL in hreflang annotations. Links in the hreflang tag should always point to canonical pages.

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Links to a non-canonical version can mislead the search engine. So check and replace. 6. Canonical URL Has No Inbound Links The problem occurs when one or more of the specified canonical addresses has no internal incoming links. Canonical addresses without internal links are not available to site users. Instead, the person is taken to a non-canonical version of the page. Therefore, check the website for internal links to canonical addresses. 7. Non-canonical pages in the sitemap Occurs when non-canonical pages are specified in Museums and Art Galleries Email List the sitemap. Google states that non-canonical pages should not be listed in sitemaps.f the Open Graph URL does not match the canonical one, then the non-canonical version of the page will be published to social networks. Replace the address in OpenGraph with the canonical one so that the correct version of the page gets to the social networks.

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Assumes that all the pages in the file are the ones you want indexed. Remove non-canonical pages from the sitemap. 8. Non-canonical page defined as canonical The problem occurs when one or more pages have a canonical URL that is also the canonical URL of another page. Such chains can mislead the search engine. Replace non-canonical JA Phone Number links in canonical tags of affected pages with direct links to canonical versions. For example, if page A has the canonical page B and B has page change the canonical page.

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