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October 22, 2023

It is possible to add a link to the course platform to the receipt. But where can you add instructions for registering on the course platform? And how many people actually read the receipt when it slips into the email? You will receive a lot of e-mail and inquiries about how the student can access the course platform. This is the manual part. If you want to get around this, you should mention on the sales or product page that the instructions for registering on the course platform can be found on the receipt.  the receipt as clearly as possible or, alternatively, the student should be directed to a separate page where the instructions are (and preferably in the form of screenshots or a video).

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Udemy is free for the trainer. Previously, costs accrued if you wanted Udemy to market your course for  you. At the moment, the pricing model seems to be that when you sell the new data course yourself, 3% of the price of the course goes to the platform, if the purchase came via an affiliate link or coupon code you provided. If a student randomly goes to Udemy’s website and buys your course, you get only 37% of the course price for yourself, the rest goes to the platform. (Source: ) Woo commerce Lifters If you are already familiar with the WordPress blog platform, you know that Woo Commerce is not a course platform but an online store add-on. I included it in the list because you can build your own course platform in WordPress (I use Lifters) and handle the payment via Woo Commerce and Patrai or Bambara.

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Holi works best in the sale of e-books, physical products and services. You can download the e-book directly to Holi, in which case the buyer will receive the download link of the book with the receipt. The e-book can only be downloaded 3 times, after which the download link expires. This is a great feature that prevents the eBook download link from being shared publicly. Either you read this: 48 ways to promote business in 2022 if it’s quiet Etsy Etsy is a very popular foreign online store, especially in the United States and Great Britain. Etsy is best for selling physical products, services, and e-books/workbooks. I tried Etsy JA Phone Number in 2015. At that time it was  unknown to many Finns. I can’t say the experiment was a success Etsy’s pricing is twofold. Etsy charges the listing price for each product put up for sale, as well as a commission for product sales and account transfers. The more  products you have for sale on Etsy and the higher the volume you sell, the heavier the pricing becomes. For international sales, Etsy is a very viable option.

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