Unlearning itself does not include payment

October 22, 2023

 With a monthly fee of $29 (Basic) (i.e. $348 / year) you can schedule the course materials according to the student’s study pace.  and build different course packages. With a monthly fee of $99 (Professional) (i.e. $1188 / year) you get all the features of Basic and e.g. cost-free sales. (So ​​there are no extra commissions or commissions from the sale.). You can also take tests and evaluate them. With a monthly payment of $249 (Business) (i.e. $2988 / year), you get, in addition to the features of the previous packages, e.g. the possibility to immediately transfer the income from course sales to your own account and to transfer students from one course to another. You can also add students to courses manually. The only downside to Teachable is the payment options. into the system, so you need either Stripe, through which courses can be purchased with a credit card, or Paypal.

You can add unlimited courses

If the student does not have a credit card, he will not be able to purchase the course. Finns are also a bit skeptical about payment places that are not already familiar new database to them. The fear of being scammed and losing money is a powerful obstacle to sales. When you tackle this, you have nothing to worry about. You might also like this: TOP 5 ways to turn blog readers into committed customers Udemy Udemy is an interesting acquaintance. Personally, I have not tried this course platform, but maybe in some situation it could be used. Every course on Udemy is always valid. So you can JA Phone Number return to the content of the course even after a year. What is interesting about  on course fees. The most expensive course you can sell on Udemy is allowed to cost $200. The most affordable courses are sold for 15 dollars.( update 16/09/2021 , I couldn’t find any more confirmation of this on their website).

Udemy is that they have put a ceiling

From a digital entrepreneur’s point of view, building your own online store and thereby redirecting it to the course platform is the best option, along with Campfire. If the goal is to automate the sale of an online course, it is best achieved with these two. This is also the cheapest option for you in the long run, although building the whole requires either technical know-how and time or a budget of a few thousand euros.  The Woo Commerce add-on is free, but you need credentials suitable for forwarding payments from a Finnish (or foreign) service provider. For example, I use it in my own online storeChekcout.fi Bambora Checkout-Paytrail** merchant IDs.  If you’ve had Campfire before, shop-in-a-shop merchant IDs have been created for you Checkout BamboraVia Checkout. However, this is not suitable for a Woo Commerce online store, so if you are building an online store for your own blog or website, you should be on the move in good time. 


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