How to Submit Your Website to Google

October 22, 2023

There are two ways to submit your website to Google. You can either submit an updated sitemap in Google Search Console or submit the sitemap URL using Google’s “ping” service. Both options are completely free and only take a second. Finding your sitemap Both submission methods require your sitemap URL. The way you find or create this depends on your website platform. Generally speaking, there’s no need to submit each new page to Google. As long as the new URLs are in a sitemap that you already submitted to Google, they’ll be discovered eventually. How to Submit However, there are two ways you can potentially speed up this process.

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Sure the new pages are in your sitemap, then use the instructions in the previous section to ping Google and prompt them to re-check your sitemap. This isn’t totally company data necessary if you’re using WordPress with Yoast, Rank Math, or The SEO Framework because these plugins all ping Google automatically. Google will usually find and index any valuable pages eventually, even if you don’t submit them. But there are still benefits to submitting your website to Google. Before we talk about these benefits, we should discuss how Google finds and indexes content. How Google finds and indexes your content Google finds and indexes content in four main steps. SIDENOTE. These are somewhat oversimplified as Google is a complex beast. Step 1. Discover Discovery is where Google learns that your website exists.

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Websites and pages from sitemaps or backlinks from known pages. Step 2. Crawl Crawling is where a computer program (spider) called Googlebot visits and JA Phone Number downloads your pages. Step 3. Process Processing is where key information is extracted from the crawled pages and prepared for indexing. Step 4. Index Indexing is where processed information from crawled pages is added to a big database called the search index. This is essentially a digital library of trillions of web pages from which Google pulls search results. Recommended reading: How Do Search Engines Work and Why Should You Care? Why submitting to Google is important Each of the four steps above happens in order. It’s a journey.

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