Oh Sister introduces herself by asking where creatives over 40 go in this fun spot

October 12, 2023

Oh! Sister releases a fun launch spot that asks the following question: ” Where do creatives over 40 go?” The spot talks about one of the main concerns of professionals in the sector: abandoning the profession after the age of 45. From Oh! Sister point out that creative departments are predominantly male spaces. Where only 22% of women manage to lead a creative department. And it’s time to change this. This training initiative for women in the creative industry has a clear objective, “to get out of the briefing, shine our own creativity, question ourselves less and enjoy our jobs more.

Oh Sister training to enjoy the creative profession

This project was born due to the experience industry email list of its founders in the industry. For this reason, both their experiences and those issues that they wish they had  known before will be discussed. Oh! Sister proposes to revolutionize the delicate process of creativity, where factors such as fear or anxiety are involved, added to the pressure of the rush of the advertising sector . «There is a lot of anguish, fear and hidden anxiety in this profession, which is hardly talked about. How many people leave the sector after 45 years of age? In the case of women, this figure increases.

A necessary project

The project is due to the demand JA Phone Number of the creatives in the industry , as noted by Oh! Sister with the Creative Accelerator it was evident that “many creatives contacted and came with the same needs: to believe more in themselves, gain self-confidence, work on fear, and enjoy their jobs”, therefore the objective of this new school is to refocus the advertising. It is a training dedicated exclusively to women, because although the fears that accompany the creative process can be universal, in the case of women these feelings are usually more pronounced.

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