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March 21, 2023

Intend to play big in the hope of making a profit, then be prepare for two things: ordering freelance articles – , so it’s more efficient to create different profiles in Again connecte with AI, which is sometimes weird. For example, on July 1 last year, monetization was disable for many authors. Even bloggers with good karma and nirvanists got under the distribution. The reason is still not known. FAQ How to write good texts? Articles here are more informational than promotional.

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Therefore readers should not be presente with a product in person, but with a life situation, history, unusual decisions, etc. What to do if posts have little reach? You can check if you correctly identifie the target audience and felt its pain. Always write in a language that your audience understands. Be sure to complement the text content with bright Fax Lists illustrations. What is Scroll2Site? This is advertising technology. It is a block with a proposal to go to the advertiser’s website – the transition occurs seamlessly, the user does not notice it. Conclusion Now you know how much money you can really earn on Yandex Zen, how they pay here and for what. In 2022, this is one of the best platforms for a writer to receive passive monetary gain.

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Everything here is free, and you can reach a monthly income of $ 1,000 only due to your talent for writing. Tell about the article: Maria Albegova Maria Albegova Content marketer, SEMANTICA blog eitor Working with content for almost 10 years. During this time, she grew from a correspondent for a small regional newspaper to a strong commercial writer and eitor. She worke on various projects – from creating small mailing lists to filling multi-page sites. Maintains JA Phone Number a corporate blog of the Studio – writes articles, organizes the work of remote authors. Believes that every user deserves good content. Tens of thousands of visitors to your site on the subject of your business for a penny Your brand will be recognize and talke about To learn more Evergreen content.

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